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Business / Executive Jet Maintenance

Scheduled Maintenance

We perform scheduled maintenance checks on Global Express, Challenger 604, 605, 650 and 850 aircraft.

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We have recently completed a 120/240 Month inspection on a Global Express.

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New On Site scheduled maintenance

We offer to perform certain scheduled maintenance checks on site, this will save you ferry costs to the maintenance facility!

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AOG Services

We are specialists in providing worldwide AOG support for executive aircraft

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Further Services provided

CAMO Services

We have experience in CAMO activities and are therefore happy to assist our clients with their continuous airworthines mangement.

Interior repairs

AMS can support with interior repairs including woodwork finishing, leather and carpets through one of our partners. Any interior removal and/or installation tasks neccessary will be certified by AMS.

Prebuy inspections

Our specialists can provide support with evaluating aircraft that our clients may be interested in purchasing or leasing. We perform physical aircraft pre buy inspections to any required level.